The best bit of marketing advice EVER!

This simple bit of marketing advice has helped me and loads of my clients seriously increase marketing results. In fact, when we got to grips with this in my web design business we doubled our sales in just under 9 months.

So, watch this short video and you'll learn the one thing that you can start today that will massively boost the results you get from marketing.

OK, so here it is:


Alright, you might be thinking: "is it really that simple?" Well, the short answer is; yes, it's that simple.

But when I say 'simple' I don't mean easy. After all, if it was easy then everybody would be doing it right? Wrong!

I say that because most folks aren't even doing the easy stuff, like putting daily stuff out on social media.

You see, only a small number of self-employed people and those who run small businesses (less than 5%, in fact) do marketing consistently enough to get decent results.

And far too often the marketing is done 'when I get round to it' and we all know what happens there.

And then they wonder why their marketing isn't getting very far.

Marketing advice is everywhere.  But we promise that this simple idea will make a big difference to your marketing results.

So, let's have a quick look at some key points to make this 'marketing advice' work for you:

  • Plan your marketing
    Not as easy as it sounds but try and spend some time at the beginning of the month to work this out
  • Email your clients more regularly
    Fairly self-explanatory but you need to stay in your client's minds.
  • Don't just do what everyone else does
    You'll have to give this some thought but when you get to grips with it you'll start to stand out

When you're self-employed, or running a small business, you need to make every marketing moment count. You simply can't afford to waste time or money on things that just don't work.

So, I would urge you to give this stuff some thought. Put some time aside and plan your marketing.

I promise you, if you really get to grips with this little bit of marketing advice then it won't take long before your marketing results start shooting up.

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