Are you self-employed or running a tiny business?

Struggling to get stuff done?

Not winning (or keeping) enough customers?

Can’t seem to make any ¬†progress?


If that’s you, Smashing Self-Employment is here to help

Our unique business coaching in Auckland is designed to help move you and your business forwards so you don’t have to feel as though you’re working like crazy but not getting anywhere.

Being self-employed can be tough.¬†Smashing Self-Employment coaching will give you the knowledge and support you need to improve your productivity (so you can get more done), seriously up your marketing game (to get and keep more customers) and make your business much easier to manage (so you can feel like you’re in control).

And here’s what you get for joining Smashing Self-Employment coaching:

  • Monthly members-only “Get Sh*t DONE!” meetings
  • Regular informal member networking events
  • Business-building workshops
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Exclusive access to the growing online library of resources here on the website (including how-to videos, templates and downloads) .

Membership of the Coaching programme is through monthly susbsription. There’s no long-term commitments and you won’t get told off if you can’t make it to any of the member events.

small business coaching in Auckland from Smashing Self-Employment
business coaching in Auckland
How Business Speaking Can Help You to Promote Your Business

Why join the Smashing Self-Employment coaching club?



In the club you’ll learn some down-to-earth techniques that will make a huge difference to your marketing success.

Being Productive

The club will teach you loads of ways to organise your work to enable you to get more done than you thought possible.


With regular events and a members-only chat group gives you access to expertise and support from people who’ve been there and done it.


In the club you’ll find ideas for planning your work to make sure you’re working on the right things.


As a member of the the coaching club you’ll discover ideas for setting prices properly and also using price tools for increased profitability.


When the going gets tough

You’ll find several strategies for breaking through tough times and making sure that you (and often your confidence) remains in good shape.

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