Are you self-employed?  How would you like to:

Achieve more in less time!

Get more customers!

Build a brilliant business!


about smashing

The Smashing Self-Employment community is here to help you achieve more in less time, get more customers and build a brilliant business.

With a rapidly growing library of resources covering:

  • Getting stuff done
  • Getting and keeping customers
  • Making your business easier to manage, and...
  • Taking care your most important asset: YOU!

There's also a members-only Facebook group and a weekly member-only live Q&A.

No matter where you are in your self-employed journey, you'll find help in the Smashing Self-Employment community.

"Being self-employed isn't an easy path but, with the right tools and working methods, it doesn't have to feel like an impossible job."

Why join the community?



Marketing is all about getting and keeping customers but many self-employed people get it wrong and certainly don't do enough of it.

In the community you'll learn some down-to-earth techniques that will make a huge difference to your marketing success.

Being Productive

When you're self-employed you have to be more organised than you will ever have been working for someone else.

The community has loads of ways to organise your work to enable you to get more done than you thought possible.


Networking is a great way to find customers and meet potential collaborators.

Our members-only facebook group gives you access to expertise and support from people who've been there and done it.


Planning gets a bit of a bad rep as boring and irrelevant.  However, having a plan can be make or break in many cases.

In the community you'll find ideas for planning your work and then working your plan.


Pricing is often a grossly misunderstood part of being self-employed and in the community you'll discover ideas for setting prices properly and also using price tools for increased profitability.


When the going gets tough

OK, so being self-employed isn't all peaches and cream, there will be times when it will be tough (sometimes very tough).

You'll find several strategies for breaking through tough times and making sure that your work (and often your confidence) remains in good shape.

Our Blog

The Reason Why We Do It!

The Reason Why We Do It!

In this 1st episode of the Smashing Self-Employment podcast I discuss why it’s vital that you fully understand why you’re self-employed.

Small business owners need to sort themselves out…

Small business owners need to sort themselves out…

RANT ALERT + Biz Lessons!!! Small business owners need to sort themselves out! Over the last month or so, I've moved house which means we needed domestic cleaners/end of tenancy cleans, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, gardeners, plumbers, electricians and removal...

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