Marketing Club Terms and Conditions


The Marketing Club (TMC/we/us/our) is a privately-owned joint venture between Niche Marketing (Christchurch) and Smashing Self-Employment (Auckland).

Our purpose is to provide business and marketing support and education to small businesses and the self-employed.

This is delivered through (although not restricted to) in-person coaching, group meetings, social media content and a members-only library of resources on the website.


TMC is a membership organisation where members pay an ongoing monthly fee through a recurring monthly card payment (using the Stripe payment gateway).

Members sign up and manage their membership through the TMC website. 

There is no minimum-term contract, members can leave the club when they choose.

Members have the option to cancel and/or pause membership. This is done through the member’s account page on the website.

If a member cancels their membership through the website the system will automatically halt all future recurring payments.

No refunds will be given unless misconduct or dereliction of duty can be established .

As a member you have access to all of the meetings, members-only social media and members-only online resources according to your membership level.

Membership does not cover additional work (training, coaching, marketing consulting, business advice) outside of the above access.  This extra work will be on a fee basis, which members will be expected to pay for.


During the group meetings and on the members-only Facebook group you may be privy to confidential details about other members’ businesses.

You must keep this information confidential and any breach of this confidentiality will be taken seriously and you may be asked to leave the club.

Intellectual property:

All resources and education material (including branding and electronic material) provided by TMC is the intellectual property of TMC unless otherwise specified.

You must not copy or distribute the member-only content unless given explicit (written) permission by TMC.

Any intentional breach of copyright will be taken seriously and TMC may seek recourse as laid out by the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.

The same laws for intellectual property also apply to other members and their copyright material.

Legal Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are written in and will be enforced under laws applicable in New Zealand.

Force Majeure

Whilst we do our best to do all we say when we say it there may be times when circumstances beyond our control prevent this. These circumstances include (but are not limited to) natural disasters and Acts of God, political action and war, failure of electricity or telephone services, illness.

If this kind of thing disrupts the service, TMC will do all we can to minimise disruption, keep you informed and to honour our commitments as a service provider.

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