Consistent – the real key to marketing success

Yes, the real key to marketing success is simple: Just be consistent.

OK, so you may wondering "is that it?" Well, in short yes. But as with many of these things there are a few other things to consider.

The key to fixing this is to develop a marketing plan and implement it.

This video talks you through it:

You see, consistent marketing leads to consistent results.

As it sits, fewer than 10% of self-employed people are consistent with their marketing and it's no small wonder that only a minority get meaningful results.

So here's a few thoughts to help develop a plan to make your marketing more consistent and successful.

  • Work out who you're selling to. If you're vague on this your marketing won't be as effective as it could be.
  • Think through the messages your audience will likely respond to.
  • Put your messages where your target audience hangs out. Don't just go with the herd here, you need to focus on your audience and not on the hype.
  • Develop a marketing system/plan to make sure that all of this is consistent across all your chosen marketing channels.
  • Put your marketing in your diary. You should do some marketing every day, without fail.

And this is where the 'key to marketing' success' comes into it's own: Your marketing system.

The real key to marketing success is to be consistent.  Consistent marketing get s consistent results.

You need to commit to marketing on a regular basis across all your channels because, according to research, it can take as many as 10 touch-points (where they see your marketing) for them to recognise and respond to what you're saying.

One of the simplest ways is to put what you're doing on each day in your diary.

For example: We do video on Monday, email on Tuesday, Podcast on Wednesday, social media scheduling on Thursday, blogging on Friday. And various other bits in between.

Because we have a schedule, the work gets done. Our marketing is consistent.

So, develop your marketing (to suit you and your audience), put it in your diary (to give you a better chance of getting it done) and then monitor the results.

When I got to grips with this key to marketing success we doubled our sales (in my last business) in just under 9 months. It works.

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