A quick tip to help improve your concentration

According to a recent study more than 60% of the UK population is between 1% and 5% dehydrated at any one time. Much of this is caused by the caffeine in drinks like tea, coffee and many soft drinks.

The problem with being dehydrated is that it impairs your ability to concentrate.

Another danger with being dehydrated is that your brain often misinterprets the thirst signal for hunger and you end up eating more than may be good for you. This may lead to weight gain, obesity and all the health risks associated with being overweight.

The solution:


Being fully hydrated gives you more energy, improves concentration and productivity, it alleviates mental fatigue and has also been shown to improve academic performance under exam conditions.

Not only that but it improves your skin condition, aids digestion and helps support the immune system.

Now, I’m no nutrition expert but when I started drinking more water everyday, within 10 days I had more energy and could definitely concentrate more effectively.

You should aim at drinking between 3 and 4 pints of water a day as well as your normal intake of tea and coffee etc.

Yes you’ll end up nipping to the loo more frequently but what price will you pay if you don’t do it?


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